Hebrew Pendulum

 Therapy through the Hebrew Pendulum, also called Metutelet, is a healing method that combines the radiesthetic technique with the benefits of therapies that use the vibration of energy. 

 To carry it out correctly, it is necessary to use a pendulum and labels written in Hebrew. Hebrew is considered a sacred language, which is important to the technique. 

It is considered a high technology healing method since it combines radiesthesia, Hebrew, and beech wood, a tree qualified as sacred in ancient Druidic traditions.

 How does it act?

Today we know that the entire Universe is formed by energy fields and we are also made of those energy fields, but there are countless energy fields and frequencies that we attract daily in the form of electromagnetic waves and that negatively influence our being.

 If this energy is not managed properly, we can develop states of emotional deprivation that subtly affect discomfort, fatigue, apathy. Emotional states are very weakened and can even lead to diseases without anything to justify their presence. Usually, there are different energy accumulations that do not correspond with our causal body.

 Using this therapy as energy cleansing we would be acting on the seven bodies and we would have the possibility of restoring the alterations produced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 


 The Hebrew Pendulum is especially indicated, among many others, to situations of stress, anxiety, depressive states, energetic depuration, blockages, post-traumatic shock, pains, cleanings of the aura or of subtle energetic fields that were anchored to it.

 To carry out these practices, your presence in our establishment is not necessary.